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What the papers say . . .

FNC805 BackHere’s what the press have been saying about us recently . . .

“Theirs is an ever-evolving musical voyage gliding somewhere between The Earliers’ psychedelic pulse, Arab Strap’s woozy wonder-pop and an explosion in an Indie vinyl pressing plant.” Clash

“Lead singer Ziggy Campbell’s introspective patter and crisp tone guide you through the musical undergrowth. Along the way there are frolicsome tubas (‘Some Fracas of a Sissy’), serenading mandolins (‘Gifted’), and a sampler versus distortion pedal catfight (‘Reshaping’), showcasing the experimental terrain that now defines nu folk.” Observer Music Monthly

“Brilliant … fantastic circuit-bleepy-bloppy” Huw Stephens, Radio One

“Unpredictable, noisy, melodic, daft, electronic-art-pop.” The Skinny

“A grown-up, slick sonic treat, and surely – especially now that it comes with the Fence seal of approval – this could be the album that opens them up to a wider audience.” The List

“This is modern psychedelia that owes little to the music of the 60s and everything to the present and future . . . This Mess is full of the kind of cut and paste, lo-fi treats you would associate with the likes of Super Furry Animals and FOUND have made an album which reflects both the bleak winters of Scotland and the uplifting warmth in the hearts of the people.” Is This Music

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