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Great review of Fidelities EP in The Skinny

Nick Mitchell has given our new EP 4/5 and said some very nice things:


Apparently designed to give the lie to those who say the Scottish music scene is too ponderous or introspective, Edinburgh collective FOUND are specialists in skewed, mashed-up folk-tronica. Fans of Attic Lights and Make Model already know about their digital talents thanks to some gloriously glitchy remixes, and The Fidelities EP certainly errs more on the ‘-tronica’ side of things. With its yelled chorus and pent-up electro, Let Fidelity Break is an alt.pop hit-in-waiting, Now We’ll Never Make The Playlist is a spindly slice of unabashed funk, while This Way By Design confirms FOUND as natural successors to The Beta Band. The creative well tapped by Ziggy Campbell and his cohorts shows no sign of running dry. [Nick Mitchell]

Read the review on The Skinny site here.

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