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FOUND in News Of The World

There was a nice little feature by Tim Barr in yesterday’s News Of The World on FOUND, our SXSW fundraiser album and Cybraphon.

Read it on the NOTW site here, read it below, read it and weep.

RADIOHEAD tried pay-what-you-please for In Rainbows, but now indie mavericks Found are trying out pay-our-fare-please for their new LP.

The Edinburgh-based band have been booked for an official showcase at next month’s South By Southwest festival in Texas.

Getting there might prove to be a problem though, since they’re SKINT.

So the five-piece — who were behind last year’s This Mess We Keep Reshaping album — have decided to put their heads together. And frontman Ziggy Campbell explained: “We think we’ve come up with a great fundraising scheme.

“We’ve compiled a download-only album called Snarebrained that people can buy from our website.

“They can pay as little as £2.50 or as much as £49, depending on what they think we’re worth. The proceeds will help us pay for flights, beers, steaks and maybe some Mexican hookers…”

But the band — who are set to release the new Fidelities EP on Fife’s Fence Records next month — also have another money-spinning idea up their sleeves. They’re in the process of creating a ROBOT band.

And they reckon it could be the next step in the evolution of pop.
Ziggy added: “Our ultimate aim is to replace bands like Coldplay and The Killers with machines.

“Our prototype was inspired by old player-pianos and music boxes.

“But what makes Cybraphon different is that it will be affected by reviews of its performances in the same way a real band would be by getting good or bad press.”

The brainbox band have now hired a computer science boffin to come up with the technology that will allow Cybraphon to “read” reviews over the internet.

Ziggy added: “We’re hoping to have the prototype built by August. Once that’s done we’re hoping we’ll get interest from the major record companies.

“The big advantage is that, unlike Chris Martin, Cybraphon doesn’t need to be paid record royalties.

“But hopefully we’ll make sure any spare cash gets paid into our bank accounts…we’re sick of being broke.”

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