Fidelities EP is List Single of the Fortnight

Okay, this is actually old news (it was in the 19 Mar – 2 Apr 2009 issue) but we were away in Texas when it came out so I’ve only just got my hands on a copy.

. . . They are all highlights this issue but just miss Single of the Fortnight (5/5), an accolade which goes instead to the consistently excellent FOUND ‘The Fidelities EP’ (Fence Records / Aufgeladen Und Bereit) is a masterstroke of utterly compelling lof-fi electronica, whe you can even shake your toosh to. If The Beta Band and Hot Chip became co-joined in a mistake riddled genetic experiment they might ot be much to look at, but they’d probably sound a lot like his Edinburgh fivesome, and that is no bad thing indeed. (Camilla Pia)

Thanks Camilla – not too sure what to make of the refernce to a botched scientic experiment but otherwise a very nice review!

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