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Clash Magazine Ones To Watch

Clash Magazine have done a nice little feature on us in their Ones To Watch section. (They spelt my name wrong and we’re a quintet but it’s all good). Read it on their site here . . . or just move your eyes downwards and read it here:

FOUND on Clash's Ones To Watch

The Edinburgh electro-funk-folk quartet have produced a special download album where people can choose what they pay for it. They are, in effect, “doing a Radiohead” – a rather brave move given that they are by no means as famous (or rich) as the Oxford band.

“Yeah, I mean everyone is going to start doing that,” laughs bassist Tommy Perlman. “Everyone is going to do it at least once. It’s actually working really well – not one person who’s bought it so far has paid the minimum.”

As well as raising the cash to go, the band are also arranging the travelling logistics such as visas and accommodation. “It’s an undertaking, but it’s a validation, in a sense, for all the hard work we’ve been doing for over two years. To be invited to play at this really prestigious showcase, it makes us really proud,” Tommy comments, sounding both tired and animated. Taking on this project themselves utterly suits them though: from the band’s finger-in-every-pie attitude (record labels, installations, art, robot building), to the DIY ethic of the music, arranging mundane things like flights is just another story for the grandkids.

It’s the first time the band have played in America and, having only played outside the UK for the first time in December, Tommy admits they are a little unsettled. “It’s difficult to gauge the reaction of a new crowd,” he says. “We’re nervous and excited. It’s great to get out and play to a different crowd, but at the same time, a bit nerve-wracking to break out of the comfort zone. We played a few gigs in Germany; the crowd were amazing, enjoying our banter, heckling us.”

Their brand of vagrant, droll electropop, with Ziggy Campbell’s unapologetic Scottish croon meandering in between various household bleeps, blips and bangs, is bound to attract attention. As will playing alongside bands such as Primal Scream and Glasvegas. Tommy quietly says: “I think the fact that you’re Scottish just makes people want to come and check you out.” It’s a comment that encapsulates all that is right about the music scene in Scotland at the moment – it has never been stronger. I confess to being a little obsessed by the ridiculously infectious forthcoming EP track ‘Let Fidelity Break’ and Tommy laughs. “Yeah we’re hoping that one will get the crowd,” he says. I’m pretty sure it will. So listen up, drink, drink, drink, and fall into sync with these gleeful Edinburgh boys.

No one could ever accuse FOUND of being lazy or doing things the easy way. Take their imminent jaunt to SXSW, for example: aside from a small grant from the Scottish Arts Council, they are funding the trip themselves.

Words by : Claire Gilligan

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