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Our Old Sketchy Demos

Last night we launched our new album at The Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh (although the album’s not officially out in the shops until 14 March). We’re been getting lots of lovely reviews of the record and people have been commenting on how it’s much more of a professional, grown-up sound. So this week we wanted to remind you of where we came fae and gift you a collection of sketchy demos. Warning though these demos contain Zigpletives.

Demos included:
01 Awkward (See Fergs In London Demo)
02 Kev’s Piano Chop
03 When You Fall (Demo 1)
04 When You Fall (Demo 2)
05 Tealeaf (Kleptomaniac Girlfriend)
06 Reshaping (Tommy’s Reprise)
07 Track 22 Demonstration (Let Fidelity Break Demo)
08 Admission No2 We Are Shit (Demo)

Next week will be our final FoundFreeFri (awwwwww). And then our album drops (yeeeeaaah).

Till then,


Tommy / FOUND

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