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Johnny . . . Iona Marshall’s Cover Version

Last December our good friend Alan Oates invited us to play his Leith Tape Club Xmas Special in the belly of a boat on the Shore. Alan asked each of the bands playing to cover one of the others’ songs which he would record for the Tape Club. We chose to cover The Oates Field‘s Snakes and spent hours learning and practicing a driving motorik version. On the night of the Tape Club we discovered we were on last and that pints of Budvar were only £2.50 . . .

By the time it got to our set we were, how shall I put this delicately, shitfaced and in an unusual twist on the performer / audience relationship Ziggy heckled the crowd. When it came to our final song, the aforementioned cover of Snakes, we were a shambles: Kev set alight to Ziggy’s guitar, Ziggy flailed his guitar through the air (partly to try and put out the flames, partly just for show) and I stumbled around with an inane grin on my face like an amused zombie wearing a Christmas jumper. All of this was recorded to tape, although mercifully audio not video. I never want to hear it let alone see it, please Alan for the sake of humanity keep this recording locked up.

Thankfully some of the other artists took their covers more seriously and today’s free download is one of them. Iona Marshall chose to cover Johnny I Can’t Walk the Line – a track from our forthcoming album. In order to learn the song she made a recorded version which she gave to us. I took a listen the day after Tape Club and it soothed away my hangover. Iona’s got a beautiful voice, she also has a gift for combining acoustic instruments and electronics with such a light touch that the results sound effortless. I have no idea why she’s not already a big name on the Scottish scene (or internationally for that matter) but hopefully that will soon change. You can pick up more of Ms Marshall’s mesmerising music on the latest De-Fence Records 10″ vinyl here (which I highly recommend).

Until next week,


Tommy / FOUND

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