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Grovesnor ‘Find A Way To Stop Him’ (FOUND Remix)

Grovesnor (aka Robert Smoughton) produced one of my favourite albums of 2010 in Soft Return. We first met Rob when he was playing in the post math rock outfit The Naciente Quartet. We played a few gigs with them in London and Edinburgh around the time of our first album. At the time I was only really aware of Rob as a drummer but it has since transpired that he’s a ferociously talented multi instrumentalist who can turn his hand to almost anything. Soft Return proves he is also gifted singer songwriter and the album is packed with inventive stories that transcend the mundane and take you to another time and place altogether.

I thoroughly enjoyed remixing Find A Way To Stop Him and never tired over listening to Rob’s lyrics and vocals. His influences are clearly wide and varied but for some reason the story in the song puts me in mind of Phil Collins’ great turn as an actor in Buster (that may sound like a cuss, but it really isn’t intended that way).

Anyway, I really should stop writing now before I type something even worse. I hope you enjoy our interpretation of Grovesnor’s Find A Way To Stop Him.

Next week we have a real treat for you, our friend and fellow Fence Collective member Iona Marshall has produce a mesmerising cover of one of the tracks from our forthcoming album.

Have a great weekend,

Tommy / FOUND

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