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Gemini Theme

This week’s free download is an usual one (even by our standards): it’s a soundtrack for a comic book. Gemini Theme was written to accompany our friend Christian Ward‘s comic Olympus. (Some of you may be familiar with Christian’s beautiful record sleeves for The Pictish Trail and Player Piano). The story of Olympus goes something like this:

3,000 years ago, the brothers Castor and Pollux were granted immortality by Zeus. Today they serve him on Earth. Sent to capture a messenger fallen from Olympus, the brothers accidentally release one of the fiercest prisoners of Hades, a cursed, ravaged soul with a millennia-old grudge! Now in an adventure that takes them across Europe and to an island off the coast of Greece, Castor and Pollux must track and capture this being before his rampant rage yields irreversible damage to the balance between Olympus and the Earth.

I’ve attempted to capture the essence of this epic tale with every sonic trick at my disposal: a synth choir and lots of reverb.

I hope you enjoy it.


Tommy / FOUND

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