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Today is the final installment in our FoundFreeFri series. As we prepare to unleash our third long player to the expectant masses (well I’ve got to hype it up eh?) on Monday we thought we’d take it right back to where we started and gift you Mullokian – our debut single way way back in March 2006. We’ve put together a wee EP containing the b-side dub version and a live rendition recorded for Song, By Toad (listen to the full session here) plus a little lesson from a few radio DJs on how to pronounce ‘Mullokian’.

We’ve really enjoyed putting this series together. If you’ve missed any of the tracks they’re still available to download (links below). We hope that, even though our weekly freebies have come to an end, you’ll stick with us – we still have plenty of treats for you throughout the year.

Thanks for listening, (I’m getting quite emotional now so I’d better sign off).


Tommy / FOUND

Pssst . . . buy our album on Monday please. You can pre-order it here.

#FFF01: FOUND – Let Fidelity Break (OnTheFly Remix)
#FFF02:    FOUND – String Theory
#FFF03: Free Blood – Grumpy (FOUND’s Blood Donation)
#FFF04: Ziggy Campbell – Anti Climb Paint (Haggard the Listener Group)
#FFF05: FOUND – Something Under The Bed Is Drooling
#FFF06: FOUND – Let Fidelity Break (Ben Butler Edit)
#FFF07: FOUND – Some Fracas of a Sissy (wiQwar Remix)
#FFF08: De Rosa – Robin Song (FOUND Remix)
#FFF09: Au Revoir Simone – Fallen Snow (FOUND’s Broken Lock Refix)
#FFF10: DRN – Mogadon
#FFF11: Staccato Set – Staccato Set Are In Love With The Chorus
#FFF12: Tommy Perman – Town & Country EP
#FFF13: FOUND – Can Found Move (Found Can Move remix album)
#FFF14: Ziggy Campbell – A Frequency So Sad It Aches
#FFF15: King Creosote – Leslie (FOUND’s Bleak Midwinter Version)
#FFF16: FOUND – Admission Number Two (King Creosote Remix)
#FFF17: Silver Columns / Toob FOUND Remixes
#FFF18: Grovesnor – Find A Way To Stop Him (FOUND Remix)
#FFF19: FOUND – Johnny I Can’t Walk the Line (Iona Marshall’s Cover Version)
#FFF20: FOUND – She’s Interfering
#FFF21: FOUND – My Darling Amidar
#FFF22: FOUND – Gemini Theme
#FFF23: FOUND – Sketchy Demos
#FFF24: FOUND – Mullokian EP

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