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Found Can Move


Debut album ‘Found Can Move’ is out now on CD from Surface Pressure Records.

Following quick on the heels of the single ‘Mullokian’, Surface Pressure Records released ‘Found Can Move’ the debut album from FOUND, in May 2006.
‘Mullokian’ earned the band critical acclaim and widespread radioplay across the BBC, XFM London and XFM Scotland. But ‘Mullokian’ was merely an appetiser for the many different flavours of ‘Found Can Move’: from the claustrophobic electronics and self deprecating lyrics of the title track; to the twisted garage rock of Synth Like Minds; from the eerie, late-night soul of Turnstile; to the energetic pop of Static 68, the album serves up tasty treats to suit every palate.

At just under 40 minutes, ‘Found Can Move’ is a concise manifesto for FOUND’s intentions: the album succeeds at being inventively experimental and at the same time irresistibly pop. Ziggy Campbell’s playful song writing brings to mind the lyricism of Tom Waits and, perhaps more fittingly, the work of fellow country man Ivor Cutler. The album packaging also reflects FOUND’s cheeky, playful side as they invite you all to enter a ‘colouring-in competition’ – the winner’s artwork will adorn the forthcoming remix album ‘Can Found Move’.

FOUND are Ziggy Campbell, Tommy Perman, Kev Sim, Gavin Sutherland and Alan Stockdale. All five members are multi-instrumentalists, and ‘Found Can Move’ contains a wealth of instrumentation and unusual sound sources including banjos, organs, vintage synths, melodica, squeeze boxand sublime double bass performed by guest musician Emma Smith (who also played on Gorillaz ‘Demon Days’).