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River of Slime ‘Volume One’

The debut release from FOUND’s own Kev ‘River of Slime‘ Sim is out now on Glasgow label Phuturelabs. Download it for free from Bandcamp or Soundcloud.
PL005 – River of Slime – Volume One by Phuturelabs


Free Music Update

Hello folks, I just thought I’d write a little post about some FOUND related freebies that are kicking around the internet this week. Firstly our new single Anti Climb Paint came out on Monday and there’s three free remixes available – the instrumental version of S-Type’s remix plus mixes from Japanese War Effort and Jonnie Common. All are available to download now from our bandcamp page, but why not buy the single while you’re at it?

Secondly FOUND’s very own Kev Sim is set to release his solo debut ‘Volume One’ on Glasgow’s Phuturelabs label on 27 June under the River of Slime moniker. As a wee preview taster you can download S-Type‘s remix (that guy’s everywhere these days!) from XLR8R.

PL005 – River of Slime – Volume One by Phuturelabs

And lastly I’ve been doing quite a lot of remix work myself recently and London music blog The Line of Best Fit are giving away my reworking of Conquering Animal Sound‘s forthcoming single Tracer here.

Conquering Animal Sound – Tracer (FOUND remix) by TLOBF

I hope you enjoy the gifts. Have a great weekend,


Tommy / FOUND

Anti Climb Paint

Our new single is out on digital download today. We’re releasing a super limited version on edible, playable, chocolate 7″s. For a chance to win tickets to the launch party and get your hands on a copy go here.


Nuala Kennedy kindly supplied vocals on three songs from FOUND’s new album factorycraft. My favourite track she sings on is Anti Climb Paint, mainly because we’ve sang it together quite a few times in different circumstances and with different bands. I’ve got good memories of singing with her.

Nuala is exceptional as a singer, musician and songwriter, but more importantly she is completely fearless. Though her background is in traditional music she’s a far more dynamic character and clearly can’t be fenced in to this genre. This shows through her history of collaborations. She’s worked with Will Oldham, Norman Blake, Euros Child and Oliver Schroer to name but a few.

Nuala is, however, a wee bit of a mental case.

This makes going for a drink with her in Leith a great laugh because she’s pals with all the local characters. In fact, she gives it some chat everywhere she goes, the world over. She’s got loads of bonkers stories from her travels. Though I’ve only ever played in Scotland with her I’m constantly amazed at how many people speak to her. She’s the most famous person I know.

I get annoyed with musicians with a sense of entitlement. Fuck them. Nuala organises her own tours all over Europe and America and is totally unflinching when doing so. When hard work is on the horizon she bolts towards it, screaming and swearing in her funny wee Irish accent. Like I said, completely fearless . . . and a wee bit mental.

FOUND (quite possibly a band of musicians with a sense of entitlement) were so keen on making our album sleeve minimal, austere and enigmatic, we totally forgot to credit her for her vocal talents. Hopefully this will go some way towards making that up to Nuala.

. . . FOUND love Nuala . . . you should too.

Anti Climb Paint

Video filmed and edited by the talented Mr Andy Brown. Many thanks to Fisher & Donaldson and the Milne family for all their hard work, enthusiasm and support.

Eyes So Bright on Vic Galloway

Seismic … on Vic Galloway

Cybraphon on Tour

After the glowing reception of our third LP factorycraft, Cybraphon has grown extremely jealous of FOUND, so we’re throwing some of the limelight back onto our emotional robot band and taking it on the road. From Thursday 7 – Wednesday 20 April Cybraphon will be installed in the Richmix Cafe as part of the London Word Festival. On the evening of 19 April FOUND will be joining Cybraphon at Richmix (along with a host of other weird and wonderful performers) for a night of entertainment entitled Man/Machine.

Then from Friday 22 April – Thursday 28 April Cybraphon will be resident in the stunning De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill on Sea, as part of their ‘a nod to Cage’ John Cage legacy exhibition. FOUND will also be giving a performance on Friday 22 April as part of the De La Warr’s Random Fridays.

If either of these exhibitions are in your locale please pop along and antagonise our moody robot.


Our third long player is out now on Chemikal Underground available on a range of formats including gatefold vinyl (with free digital download), deluxe CD or download. Buy it here:

Back To The Start

Today is the final installment in our FoundFreeFri series. As we prepare to unleash our third long player to the expectant masses (well I’ve got to hype it up eh?) on Monday we thought we’d take it right back to where we started and gift you Mullokian – our debut single way way back in March 2006. We’ve put together a wee EP containing the b-side dub version and a live rendition recorded for Song, By Toad (listen to the full session here) plus a little lesson from a few radio DJs on how to pronounce ‘Mullokian’.

We’ve really enjoyed putting this series together. If you’ve missed any of the tracks they’re still available to download (links below). We hope that, even though our weekly freebies have come to an end, you’ll stick with us – we still have plenty of treats for you throughout the year.

Thanks for listening, (I’m getting quite emotional now so I’d better sign off).


Tommy / FOUND

Pssst . . . buy our album on Monday please. You can pre-order it here.

#FFF01: FOUND – Let Fidelity Break (OnTheFly Remix)
#FFF02:    FOUND – String Theory
#FFF03: Free Blood – Grumpy (FOUND’s Blood Donation)
#FFF04: Ziggy Campbell – Anti Climb Paint (Haggard the Listener Group)
#FFF05: FOUND – Something Under The Bed Is Drooling
#FFF06: FOUND – Let Fidelity Break (Ben Butler Edit)
#FFF07: FOUND – Some Fracas of a Sissy (wiQwar Remix)
#FFF08: De Rosa – Robin Song (FOUND Remix)
#FFF09: Au Revoir Simone – Fallen Snow (FOUND’s Broken Lock Refix)
#FFF10: DRN – Mogadon
#FFF11: Staccato Set – Staccato Set Are In Love With The Chorus
#FFF12: Tommy Perman – Town & Country EP
#FFF13: FOUND – Can Found Move (Found Can Move remix album)
#FFF14: Ziggy Campbell – A Frequency So Sad It Aches
#FFF15: King Creosote – Leslie (FOUND’s Bleak Midwinter Version)
#FFF16: FOUND – Admission Number Two (King Creosote Remix)
#FFF17: Silver Columns / Toob FOUND Remixes
#FFF18: Grovesnor – Find A Way To Stop Him (FOUND Remix)
#FFF19: FOUND – Johnny I Can’t Walk the Line (Iona Marshall’s Cover Version)
#FFF20: FOUND – She’s Interfering
#FFF21: FOUND – My Darling Amidar
#FFF22: FOUND – Gemini Theme
#FFF23: FOUND – Sketchy Demos
#FFF24: FOUND – Mullokian EP

Our Old Sketchy Demos

Last night we launched our new album at The Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh (although the album’s not officially out in the shops until 14 March). We’re been getting lots of lovely reviews of the record and people have been commenting on how it’s much more of a professional, grown-up sound. So this week we wanted to remind you of where we came fae and gift you a collection of sketchy demos. Warning though these demos contain Zigpletives.

Demos included:
01 Awkward (See Fergs In London Demo)
02 Kev’s Piano Chop
03 When You Fall (Demo 1)
04 When You Fall (Demo 2)
05 Tealeaf (Kleptomaniac Girlfriend)
06 Reshaping (Tommy’s Reprise)
07 Track 22 Demonstration (Let Fidelity Break Demo)
08 Admission No2 We Are Shit (Demo)

Next week will be our final FoundFreeFri (awwwwww). And then our album drops (yeeeeaaah).

Till then,


Tommy / FOUND

Skinny Cover Models

Those foolish folks at The Skinny have seen fit to make us their cover models for the month of March (I would say it’s gonna damage sales if it weren’t a free paper). On top of this they’ve written a very nice feature about us, given the album 4/5 and even allowed Ziggy to rant about what each track means.