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Word to The Word

Just read a lovely review of our new album in the current issue of Word Magazine.

Here’s what they had to say:

FOUND This Mess We Keep Reshaping (Fence)
More handcrafted delights from King Creosote’s cottage-industry label

Both band name and album title are spot on. Like musical beachcombers, Edinburgh quintet Found take full advantage of whatever washes up on their shore that’s capable of making a noise and build up a delightfully wonky collage of sound with their haul. It’s an approach that bears particularly juicy fruit – the combination of the experimental with a keen ear for a simple, to-the-quick melody making them sound not unlike their label boss King Creosote holed up in a studio with Brian Eno. Electronic burps and gurgles frame singer Ziggy Campbell’s fractured Caledonian vowels as he delivers the kind of word play that the Creosote one would be proud of. “We’re off, we’re on, we’re off,” he records of You’re Really Quite The Catch “We’re off on one, we’re off we’re done.” Don’t allow any dalliance you might have with this lot to be anything like as fleeting. NIGE TASSELL

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