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Here’s What’s Next . . .

Astra Stube (Edit)
2008 was another busy year for us and 2009 is set to be busier still. In December we played our first international gigs in Germany and we’re traveling much further afield this March to play at the world famous SXSW festival in Austin, Texas as well as a few shows in New York City. We’re really excited about these great opportunities, but I’m a bit scared as we’re going to have to fund the trip ourselves and it is COSTLY . . . we have a few fund raising ideas up our sleeves which we will unveil here soon.

We’re also been working on a brand new EP / mini album called ‘The Fidelities EP’  coming out as a collaborative release on Aufgeladen Und Bereit / Fence when the year heats up a bit. The tracks are away being mastered as I type, and I will upload a few of them to our myspace player when I get them back.

And I musn’t forget the latest hare-brained project myself, Ziggy and our friend Simon Kirby are working on, the ‘Autonomous Emotional Robot Band’ called Cybraphon. Eh? Yeah, I know . . . just have a look at the website:

Cheers for now . . . Tommy

The drawing above is an edited version of a sketch that Martina Lenzin (the barmaid at Astra Stube, Hamburg), sketched of us while we played. (To see the original, click here).

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