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FOUND Reveal Their Alter Egos

FOUND have undergone some structural changes.  Recently revealing their alter egos, Ziggy Campbell and Kev Sim have just released their first solo EP’s under the monikers Lomond Campbell and River of Slime.  According to Lauren Laverne , The List, the Scotsman and Phuturelabs they haven’t lost their groove.

“impressively coherant & diverse debut EP 4/5” The List

“upbeat and reassuringly FOUND-like” The Scotsman

“Electronically fuelled folky leanings a plenty on this brilliant debut solo EP” Phuturelabs

“Great new release from Lomond Campbell Scots Kraut/Folk(!) at its best” Lauren Laverne

If this tickles your tastebuds you can download a digital version of Lomond Campbell’s EP here or to slip a hardcopy into your collections pop over to the Chemikal Underground shop.  The River of Slime EP will also be available via Chemikal Underground very soon.

The two will be releasing a new album on Chemikal Underground later this year.  They won’t leave you hanging too long.  Unless Kev gets lost in the River of Slime that is!


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