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FOUND Portrait Prize

We’ve teamed up with The Skinny to give you a chance to win tickets to our album launches and copies of our new album on gatefold vinyl or deluxe CD. We want you to draw a portrait of one of us and email a jpeg to by 23 February. We’ll select our favourite drawings and 3 lucky winners will win a pair of tickets to their choice of either the Edinburgh or Glasgow launch and a copy of the album on vinyl or CD.

Above are our attempts at drawing each other, from left: Tommy by Kev, Ziggy by Tommy and Kev by Ziggy. We’ve been quite conservative in our choice of materials but we want you to be adventurous – make a mess; make my face out of alphabetti spaghetti; construct a 3D Kev-head from glow sticks; or fashion a Zig-beard from yarn.

Full terms and conditions are on The Skinny website here. (You have to login to view them).

Happy doodling,


Tommy / FOUND

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