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FOUND . . . 66 in The List’s Hot 100

Yes that’s right we’re officially 26 places hotter than Franz Ferdinand and 5 than Phil Kay (but you knew that anyway) . . . we’re The List’s HOT 66 for 2006. Ouch.

Experimental Pop Band

With the sad demise of the Beta Band in 2004 we were needing another bunch of multi-media malcontents to inspire, confuse and delight audiences with their own boundary free pop. Found’s debut album Found Can Move emerged this year and was a gem – replete with a colour-your-own-cover sleeve. For Found though, the focus is less the music – which blends bubbling dancefloor introspection with textured folk pop – and more the overall trip. Nowhere was this more perfectly realised than in the band’s 2006 Electric Proms performance. For this musical ‘event’ courtesy of the BBC’s season this autumn, the Edinburgh-based quintet teamed up with comedy duo Noble and Silver to create something interactive, unpredictable, and fun. Comic vignettes were nailed to musical loops while the performances splintered, and even ended up in a cupboard at one point. This makes sense from a band who once hosted a gig that centred around throwing paper aeroplanes to make music. The future is a blank canvas for them to scribble on.”