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Cybraphon is #18 in List Hot 100

The List magazine have placed our robot wardrobe at number 18 in their 2009 Hot 100. We’re only 3 places lower than Frankie Boyle and 82 higher than Susan Boyle!

This is what they had to say:

Claire Sawers speaks to Tommy Perman, of the FOUND collective, about their moody, social-networking-obsessed musical instrument, Cybraphon.

In the past, the Edinburgh art-pop collective FOUND have used robots, lasers and sewing machines in their live gigs. It was their creation of Cybraphon though – the mechanical, musical wardrobe with a heart – that won them a Scottish BAFTA.

Tommy Perman and Ziggy Campbell joined with engineer (sic) Simon Kirby to make a popularity-obsessed band inspired by orchestrions from the 1900s. Cybraphon plats music, but is also linked to Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, and feels a range of emotions – from desolation to delirium – depending on how many people are tweeting about him, or how many Facebook friends he’s got.

The public got so into the project, they started sending Cybraphon tins of furniture polish or trying to cheer him up online with jokes, flattery or flirting.

‘The morning when we woke up and saw Cybrpahon had made it onto a Texan news programme, that was pretty amazing,’ says Perman. ‘It was one of those shows that looked just like a Brass Eye spoof, but the fact that Cybraphon had traveled so far, and created such a buzz, without us really having to do anything, that was great.’

Since its birth during the Edinburgh Festival, Cybraphon has featured in newspapers in China, Brazil, Italy and Spain and has now been offered several collaborative projects.

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