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FOUND Community

  • FOUND on bandcamp
  • FOUND on Facebook
    Yaldy! You can become FOUND’s fan on our Facebook Page. I can think of nothing better to do with your time.
  • FOUND on Flickr
    Here are some amusing pictures of us. Oh dear, we’re not very photogenic are we?
  • FOUND on
    FOUND’s Page. Well, we now share it with an “upcomming pop/rock band from the Netherlands”. They look cool. I wonder what they sound like? There’s quite a few bands across the world called Found. Most of them appear to be Christain Rock acts.
  • FOUND on Myspace
    Believe it or not but Myspace still exists and some people still use it. We’re on it but rarely check it these days. We’ve not had a ‘friend request’ for about a year. It depresses me. Does nobody still like us?
  • FOUND on Twitter
    I’ve kind of been getting in to Tweeting, although I get upset when noone replies to my tweets.
  • FOUND on Vimeo
    Vimeo looks so much nicer than YouTube doesn’t it?
  • FOUND on YouTube
    We have a YouTube account under the name of our debut single, Mullokian.
  • River of Slime on Facebook
    Kev ‘River of Slime’ Sim

Friend o' FOUND

  • Radio Magnetic
    Glasgow’s finest Internet radio station. It was set up by my brother Dougal Perman. There’s a wealth of great music on here, so go listen to some.

Record Labels

  • Acton Und Spass (formerly Aufgeladen Und Bereit)
    Acton Und Spass (formerly Aufgeladen Und Bereit) – Record label based in Hamburg, Germany who have released several, beautiful 7″ EPs by FOUND
  • Chemikal Underground
    Scotland’s finest record label. At the time of writing this, they’ve just signed us up for 3 albums. Three! Suckers.
  • Fence Records
    Fife’s finest indie, DIY record label. We love Fence.
  • Phuturelabs
    Glasgow blog / internet label. Releasing electronic treats for free

Related Links

  • Alan Stockdale (FOUND LIGHT)
    FOUND’s former drummer is a filmaker / video producer under the name FOUND LIGHT. Check out his work. It’s great.
  • Cybraphon
    Cybraphon – FOUND’s BAFTA winning project. We describe it as an ‘Autonomous Emotional Robot Band’ but I’ve heard other people say it’s just a ‘musical cupboard’.
  • FOUND Electronics
    FOUND moonlight as electricians.
  • Fudge Fingas / Vin Landers
    AKA Gavin Sutherland – long time friend and former keys player with FOUND. Makes deep music across the spectrum. Releases with Firecracker Records and Prime Numbers.
  • Ten Tracks
    Ten Tracks – affordable audio downloads. There’s a bunch of FOUND tracks remixed by other folks.
  • Tommy Perman
    The art and design of FOUND’s amateur bassist, Tommy Perman
  • Ziggy Campbell on MySpace
    Occasionally Ziggy has some time to work on solo music. It’s quite nice.