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FOUND featuring Cybraphon

FOUND at Lost & Found Department

FOUND on Buzzline TV

Reshaping Video

FOUND live at The Mill, Edinburgh

When You Fall (live) from FOUND on Vimeo.

Synth Like Minds (Video)

FND023 Static 68 (Video)

FND023 Static 68 (Video)

Here’s the video for our forthcoming single Static 68 featuring Elph.

FND022 'Mullokian' Animated Video

FND022 ‘Mullokian’ Animated Video

FND020 'Found Can Move' Video

FND020 ‘Found Can Move’ Video

FOUND’s debut TV appearance on BBC Scotland’s ‘The Music Show’.

FND016 'Homespun'

FND016 ‘Homespun’

FND007 'Rootes'

FND007 ‘Rootes’