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Sunday Times Review of Electric Proms

Claire Sawers review of our Electric Proms performance at the Classic Grand, Glasgow

T For Twenty (Scotsman)

FOUND were picked by the Scotsman and The Sun as one of the twenty acts to see at this year’s T In The Park (and we’re still unsigned). Read what the Scotsman had to say (*ahem* it’s a good newspaper)

Found: A Very Scottish Pop Odyssey

Written by Bram Gieben for Skinny Mag

Review: ‘Found Can Move’ on BBC Collective

If they’re anything like their songs, you wouldn’t want to sit next to a member of Found on a plane.

New band spotlight: Found

Glasgow’s Evening Times’ ‘New Band Spotlight’

Found record in Abbey Road: Exclusive

“I will be hyping this story up on press releases for years to come!” Tommy recounts the story of FOUND’s radio session at the legendary Beatles Studio, Abbey Road.

Surface Pressure Records: Feet in the Clubs, Soul in the Hills

Interview with Tommy and Ziggy in Skinny Mag.

Join the weird but wonderful world of Found

“Experimental” music isn’t boring if paper aeroplanes and lasers are involved, discovers Claire Sawers

Review: ‘Mullokian’ in Skinny Mag

“A mellow, fuzzed-up blend of indie-folk and sampledelic collage”

Flight Path review in Skinny Mag

Aircraft were fired from all directions with commendably scant disregard for health and safety


Second interview for Channel 4’s Ideas Factory.


First interview for Channel 4’s Idea’s Factory