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FND021 Flight Path

Original Proposal for Flight Path which took place at the Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh in February 2006 as part of their Boby Parts Performance Arts Festival.

It is now possible to listen to live broadcasts of American air traffic control communications over the internet. (

FOUND would like to use a live ‘stream’ from a busy American airport as the basis for a live performance. FOUND will perform specially composed music in reaction to the air traffic control ‘stream’. Part of the composition will be predetermined and part will be improvised.

FOUND will use field recordings made at Edinburgh Airport to form part of the composition.

Each member of the audience will be given several sheets of card and asked to make paper aeroplanes that they will throw over FOUND as they perform. At the back of the gallery / performance space there will be a series of sensors. If the paper aeroplanes land on these sensors they will trigger sounds and alter elements of the composition. This will allow the audience the possibility to contribute to the music and take away a level of control from FOUND.

The performance will last a maximum of 30 minutes.