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Saturday and Sunday

Saturday – it’s our official showcase today – our last gig in the Lone Star State.  I’m quite glad actually.  It’s been great fun here at ‘Sooth by’ but you do grow a bit tired of hearing the constant mash of  pompous, strident guitars and yappy  vocals coming at you from every angle.  

We decide to hang out with our host Rachel and take things a bit slower as the gig itself wasn’t until nightime.  Highlights of this lazy day included

1) visiting a bookshop / art gallery and seeing a funny photo of a guy sucking the snout of a dog


2) meeting a stripper called Austin-Lee. 

We needed to head to the venue early as apparently  there is a chance we can get a sound check.  The venue is called Volume and it’s more like a club than a live music venue.  It’s a Clash Magazine party and the line up is looking pretty good – I’m particularly looking forward to seeing Slow Club.  We get to the venue – hang out – wait for a sound check – wait longer for a sound check – wait some more – then don’t get a sound check.  Oh well.  

pink pantha 

I was looking forward to the show as the gig we played the previous day was quite incendiary, even by my own admission.  I thought we could top it though as Kev had bought a shiny blue Mexican wrestlers mask to wear on stage. Unfortunately, the vibe of the venue didn’t lend itself our proposed performance. We played quite well but it never really took off, despite Kev. Pictish Trail, Come on Gang! and a few other Scots came down to see us though so it made for a nice evening of drinking and socialising afterwards.  Austin-Lee didn’t come to see us though.


On Sunday we were invited to a ‘crayfish boil’ by some Austinites. They boil up crayfish and veg in loads of tasty spices – you then rip the arse-end off the crayfish and eat it down.  If you’re feeling adventurous you can suck the brains out of the crayfish’s face. I couldn’t do this though as it reminded me too much of the funny ‘man sucks dog snout’ picture. Cajun food is amazing. When it all comes crashing against the rocks we have decided we’re going to open a Cajun food joint in Edinburgh and make a killing.  

snake farm – it just sounds nasty

snake farm – it pretty much is

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