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Nuala Kennedy kindly supplied vocals on three songs from FOUND’s new album factorycraft. My favourite track she sings on is Anti Climb Paint, mainly because we’ve sang it together quite a few times in different circumstances and with different bands. I’ve got good memories of singing with her.

Nuala is exceptional as a singer, musician and songwriter, but more importantly she is completely fearless. Though her background is in traditional music she’s a far more dynamic character and clearly can’t be fenced in to this genre. This shows through her history of collaborations. She’s worked with Will Oldham, Norman Blake, Euros Child and Oliver Schroer to name but a few.

Nuala is, however, a wee bit of a mental case.

This makes going for a drink with her in Leith a great laugh because she’s pals with all the local characters. In fact, she gives it some chat everywhere she goes, the world over. She’s got loads of bonkers stories from her travels. Though I’ve only ever played in Scotland with her I’m constantly amazed at how many people speak to her. She’s the most famous person I know.

I get annoyed with musicians with a sense of entitlement. Fuck them. Nuala organises her own tours all over Europe and America and is totally unflinching when doing so. When hard work is on the horizon she bolts towards it, screaming and swearing in her funny wee Irish accent. Like I said, completely fearless . . . and a wee bit mental.

FOUND (quite possibly a band of musicians with a sense of entitlement) were so keen on making our album sleeve minimal, austere and enigmatic, we totally forgot to credit her for her vocal talents. Hopefully this will go some way towards making that up to Nuala.

. . . FOUND love Nuala . . . you should too.

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