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CMJ 2009: Wednesday 21 October

We didn’t have much to do on Wednesday so me and Kev just took it easy to begin with – we went to Kasia‘s, a Polish diner for breakfast, I had blueberry pancakes, an apple, carrot and ginger juice and copious amounts of coffee. I can’t exactly remember what Kev ate but it involved a large plate full of eggs, bacon and potatoes.

Then we went for a walk in the park near Jonny and Elspeth’s flat, and then on for a stroll around Williamsburgh to find the bar we’re going to be playing on Thursday. It’s been really nice weather all week so it was lovely just taking a slow walk around. At 3 pm we ventured over to Manhattan to watch a band called Stricken City in a great venue called Pianos on Ludlow Street. They’re managed by my friend David who works for MTV in London. They’re really good, they play a kind of shoegaze Indie and have a charismatic female vocalist. They seem to have a bit of a buzz going on at the moment – the front row of the crowd was all photographers. Then we met up with Ziggy, Tam and Elize at a place on Bowery Street. There were a couple of bands playing and free drinks. So we drank some to get over our hangovers.

Back in Williamsburg, our hangover relief was quickly becoming retoxification as we holed up in a bar on Bedford called The Charleston who offer a free pizza with every drink. It’s a great little spot and they have a live room downstairs and appeared to be hosting CMJ shows (just like every other bar in the area).

Later that evening we hung out with Jonny and Elspeth. Jonny cooked us a really nice spag bol and then we popped out for a quick drink in a Czech bar round the corner – ending the night with a whisky on their apartment block rooftop with views of Brooklyn and lower Manhattan. All very impressive. I could get used to this life, but I don’t think my liver’s up to it.

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